White Glow Whitening Body Lotions

Whitening & Moisturising Lotion - 400ml
Carrot Lotion - 400ml
Visible Body Milk - 400ml
Gold - 400ml

White Glow Whitening Body Lotion is formulated with the most advance skin care ingredients to fade dark spots and acne, clear blemishes on the skin, protect your skin against the effect of ageing , soften the skin texture, give even skin tone and give a more radiant, balanced complexion.

This Silky Smooth body milk has been formulated with natural ingredients to lighten your skin complexion soften skin texture clear dark spots and acne give even skin tone protect your skin against the effect of ageing. apply daily for a natural Silky smooth skin tone and youthful glow

Enriched with Vitamin C, Calamansi & Sunscreen

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