Fair & White Exclusive Whitenizer Body Products

Soap - 200g
Fade Cream- 200ml
Body Cream - 400ml
Brightening Lotion - 500ml
Serum - 30ml


The exclusive Soap gently rubs your skin, polishes complexion and reveals radiance. Thanks to the combined action of Apricot kernels (exfoliating), sweet Almond oil (softening and repairing), and Shea butter, it cleanses and buffs away dead skin cells, softens and harmonizes your skin. Form a rich lather between hands and apply to body as needed.

Fair & White Clarifying Whitenizer Fade Cream

A potent lightening moisturizing cream formulated to smooth and hydrate dry skin, fading skin discolourations.

This product is not a skin bleaching product. This product lightens skin tone and provides an even toned complexion and avoids skin discoloration.
Apply Exclusive Fade Cream to dry discoloured areas of the face and body to cleansed dry, skin preferably at night. Gently massage into skin and let dry

Fair & White Original Ultra Moisturizing Body Cream

Offers multiple functions. Now you can get moisturizing and anti-ageing properties in just one cream.

To restore the health of your skin, Fair & White Original Ultra Moisturizing Body Cream is developed with the right components. This anti-ageing lotion will nourish your dehydrated skin for a healthy and smooth texture. It will slow down the ageing of your skin along with boosting collagen. Further, the cream is so formed that it will lock moisture and hydrate your skin deeply to give a soft and velvety look.

Perfect for daily skincare, Deeply nourish your skin , Reduce dark spots, Boost collagen for youthful skin

Fair and White Exclusive Whitenizer Body Lotion 

Specifically formulated to lighten and even out skin tone on the body with melanin inhibitor. Rich moisturizing and lightening lotion softens skin as it brightens and hydrates, promoting a luminous glow with Glycerin.
Apply to areas of discoloration on dry, cleansed skin, preferably at night. Gently massage into skin and let dry


Exclusive Vitamin C Glycerin with all the antioxidant and regenerating properties of Vitamin C in one single clarifying and moisturizing care. Glycerine moisturizing active ingredients make your skin mat and supple. This vitamin rich care product can be used every morning to guarantee a softer and more glowing skin.


Fruity Exfoliating Cleansing Bar formulated with anti-oxidant properties of Vitamin "C" speeds up the removal of dead skin cells, revealing firmer radiant skin. Best if used on the body, too harsh for the face, Vitamin C, Apricot Seed Powder

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