White Express Paris Egg York 5 Days Skin lightening Products


 5 Days Extra Whitening lotion with SPF 15 and KOJIC ACID

White Express Egg York body milk  lightening body Milk with plants extracts take good care of your skin every day.

The butyresordnol complex soften and protect your body against dryness and give you lightness in 10 days

Apply every morning and evening on a clean and healthy skin insisting on the very dry parts, distribute lightly and evenly, avoid contact with eyes 

Skin Perfector Concentrated Serum Clarifying EXCLUSIVE WHITENER
This serum replenishes moisture, enhances skin strength and unifies complexion colour.
It also helps with hyper-pigmented area  - black spots
This serum can be added to cream or used on its own
Visible difference within one week.
Concentrated formula, helps fade, Freckles, Blemishes, Age spots, Discolouration
Dark areas like the groin areas, knuckles, nipples 

White Express Egg Yolk Kojic Acid Soap is a natural herbal product that provides natural skin fairness. It removes blemishes, pigment scars, sunburn spots in about five days of use; if used according to directions. It heals the previously damaged cells by exfoliation (peeling of dry skin), while rejuvenating the growth of new skin cells by creating a new lighter, fairer and fresher skin tone.

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