White Express Lightening Beauty Products Mama Africa

Soap - 200g
Lotion - 500ml
Cream - 450ml
Tonic Lotion - 125ml
Serum - 50ml
Lotion & Serum
Lotion & Tonic
Cream & Serum
Cream & Tonic

This whitening soap contains a lightening agent which smooths the skin giving it a uniform and luminous look

Mama Africa whitening lotion formulated with natural whitening agents moisturises and corrects the hyperpigmentation marking on the skin.

The Mama Africa whitening Tonic Lotion formulated with Aloe Vera, act as a lightening and astringent and maintains the skin soft, fresh and perfumed.

The Serum With Natural Action that gradually lightens freckles and dark spots of the skin

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Mama Africa