Wave Nouveau Coiffure Hair System Cold Wave
Wave Nouveau Coiffure Hair System Cold Wave

Wave Nouveau Coiffure Hair System Cold Wave

Phase 1 Fine Hair
Phase 1 Normal Hair
Phase 1 Coarse Hair
Shape Transformer
Shape Lock
Finishing Lotion
Finishing Mist
Triple Moisturiser

Phase I - Shape Release

For Professional Use Only

Shape Release is a technologically advanced thioglycolate cream that effectively releases and softens hair to the desired straightness leaving hair feeling soft, smooth and silky

Available in: Normal/Medium or Resistant/Coarse or Fine / Colour Treated

Phase 2 - Shape Transformer - 458ml

Shape Lock effectively locks hair into a new configuration by oxidizing and reforming hair that has been reduced to its new shape.

Use after Shape Release.

Phase 3 - Shape Lock - 500ml

A smooth liquid gel, allows you to effectively transform and reconfigure hair to its new shape.

Shape Transformer keeps hair moist and manageable.

Use after Shape Lock

Finishing Mist - 250ml

This light spray contains a blend of conditioning and moisturizing agents to provide styling versatility to natural and permanent waved hair.

  • Restores body and shine

  • Ultra light for soft, touchable curls

Hold container 6 to 8 inches from the hair and mist lightly and evenly. Massage Moisturizing Finishing Mist thoroughly into hair and style as usual

Finishing Lotion - 250ml

This rich lotion contains a blend of silicone and humectants to provide shine, softening and moisture to natural and permanently waved hair. Apply as needed to maintain your style.

  • Quenches dry, thirsty hair

  • Provides long-lasting softness and shine

  • Excellent for permanent waved and natural hair

Apply the desired amount of lotion into palm of hand. Apply evenly throughout hair, massaging thoroughly.

Gently comb through the hair and style as usual


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