Care Free Curl Hair Curls & Waves Products

Pre Treatment
Rearranger - Regular Strength
Rearranger - Super Strength
Rearranger - Maximum Strength
Neutralizing Solution
Curl Booster
Curl Activator
Gel Activator
Instant Moisturiser - 473ml

Chemical Rearranger - 400g

Regular Strength - Normal To Medium Hair Texture

Super Strength - Coarse Hair Texture

Maximum Strength - Very Thick Coarse Hair Texture

Unique creme conditioning formulation of ammonium thioglycolate which provides rearrangement of the chemical bonds of the hair.

Easy to apply and rinse, straightens effectively and leaves hair smooth.

Neutralizing Solution - 473ml

With Conditioners

Used to lock curls into the desired pattern, whilst providing sheen to permanent wave styles

Must be used after Care Free Curl Chemical Rearranger Phase l and Care Free Curl Booster Phase

Locks in the desired curl pattern.

Easy to apply, odourless and less drying. Use after Care Free Curl Curl Booster

Curl Booster - 458ml

Curl Booster is the second step in the Care Free Curl System.

Curl Booster is a light blue lotion that aids the rearranger in processing hair.

This mild permanent wave lotion should be used with caution.

It helps insure strong, beautiful long lasting curls.

  • Hard to Curl Hair

  • Tight Curls

  • Use after Care Free Curl Rearranger

Curl Activator - 473ml

Use for daily rejuvenation of curls. The built-in conditioners maintain the proper moisture-oil balance necessary for soft, healthy and moist curls.

Repairs split ends, revitalizes limp curls and conditions the hair.

Gel Activator - 326g

A clear gel for the daily maintenance of curls. This gel activator penetrates quickly and is easily absorbed into the hair without flakes.
The combination of humectants helps restore the proper oil-moisture balance in the hair shaft to achieve healthy and moist curls.

It is Non-greasy and with aloe vera for moisture retention



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