Vitale Olive Oil Hair Hair Products
Vitale Olive Oil Hair Hair Products

Vitale Olive Oil Hair Hair Products

Hair Mayonnaise - 227g
Hair Mayonnaise - 853g
Leave - In Conditioner
Neutralizing Shampoo
Regular Relaxer
Super Relaxer

Anti Breakage NO BASE Relaxer

An advanced sodium hydroxide relaxer infused with Olive Oil and Shea Butter forsmooth, healthy straightening.

The Olive Oil allows excellent conditioning during therelaxer process while adding strength to prevent breakage

Neutralizing Shampoo

Designed with natural botanical ingredients to effectively cleanse the hair andremove the relaxer residue. Infused with Olive Oil to strengthen as itneutralizes and detangles, it leaves hair feeling moisturized and incrediblysmooth

Olive Oil HairMayonnaise

Repairs damage caused by hair extensions andchemical over processing.

Enriched with Natural Botanical extracts, OatProtein, Vitamins, Egg Proteins and Olive Oil, it increases elasticity andrejuvenates weak fragile hair.

It adds moisture and shine, allowing you to wearyour own healthy hair.

Olive OilMoisturizer

Rejuvenateslifeless hair by maintaining daily moisture balance.

Enhances the appearance ofstraight, curly, natural or braided hairstyles by protecting against dryness.

Protects hair from the negative affects of blow dryers, curlers, pressing ironsand relaxers.

Gives your hair a healthy, natural looking sheen

Olive Oil Virgin Hair Oil

Speciallydesigned for scalp and hair.

Enriched with Silk Amino Acids, Vitamin A, VitaminE and Olive Oil to nourish and revitalize your scalp.

Restores pH balance torelieve dry scalp and repairs damaged hair caused by chemical treatments andthermal styling tools

Olive Oil Leave-In Conditioner

Speciallyformulated to detangle, seal in moisture and protect hair from split ends andbreakage.

Combines natural ingredients to strengthen and increase elasticity ofyour hair when blow drying or roller setting.

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