Sofn'free GroHealthy Milk Protein & Olive Oil Hair ProductsSofn'free GroHealthy Milk Protein & Olive Oil Hair Products 
Sofn'free GroHealthy Milk Protein & Olive Oil Hair Products

2-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo

Infused with moisturizers and hair healthy natural ingredients, its rich, luxurious lather thoroughly cleanses hair and scalp without stripping it of natural oils.

Leave-In Treatment

Your hair will drink in this refreshing spray-on blend that amplifies smoothness for easier combing while mending split ends

Growth Lotion

This natural blend of nutritious ingredients gives you hair that resists breakage, a scalp that defies flaking and a look that glows with an organic, natural shine

Growth Oil

Shake well to activate this exclusive combination of ingredients which delivers nutrients to promote a healthy scalp and strong hair

Oil Treatment

Made with argan oil from Morocco, olive oil from Italy and omega 3 from the Sacha Inch nut from Peru, this product rebuilds, strengthens and protects hair from within, all while giving it a healthy dose of shine

Conditioning Treatment

It's time to treat your hair and scalp to something natural and nourishing. Pamper it with oils and proteins essential for nourishment and growth


For relaxed and natural hair

Don't wait another day to protect your hair. This medley of natural ingredients conditions and moisturizes your hair instantly while boosting its resistance to any potential damage

Sheen Spray

It mixes three of Mother Nature's healthiest oils blended into one light formula to strengthen hair while it adds a triple dose of brilliant shine. No other hair-care product contains this combination of oils harvested from around the world
ARGAN OIL from Morocco is rich in Vitamin E and restores, hydrates and silkens the hair.
OLIVE OIL from Italy is rich in antioxidants, promotes a healthy scalp, repairs damage and adds shine.
OMEGA 3 from the Sacha Inchi nut, found in the rain forests of Peru, rebuilds, strengthens and protects hair from within.


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Brand:  M & M Cosmetics

Sofn'free GroHealthy Milk Protein & Olive Oil Hair Products

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