Timotei Classic  Hair Conditioners
Timotei Classic  Hair Conditioners

Timotei Classic Hair Conditioners

Strength & Shine - 400ml
Golden Highlights - 400ml

Timotei Strength and Shine Conditioner  - Fresh herb and kiwi

For normal hair.

Experience the stimulating mix of wild herb and kiwi in timotei conditioner

The light weight conditioning formula, creamy texture and invigorating perfume will leave you feeling energised. It gently detangle your hair and bring back its natural strength and radiance

Timotei Golden Highlights Conditioner.

A specific recipe for blonde hair enriched with camomile flower extract and honey extract, with a light texture that does not weight down your hair, for an amazingly soft to touch end result.

Timotei Golden Highlights conditioner brings out golden highlights and gives extra sparkling shine, for beautifully healthy sun-kissed blonde hair.

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