Natural Classic Hair Treatment Wax

Original Henna - 480g
Aloe Vera - 480g

The Original Formula Henna Treatment Wax with Pure Henna. Natural Classic Henna Treatment Wax is a nourishing hair treatment wax. the extract of Pure Henna leaves (Lawsonia), which makes it an exceptional ingredient for deep penetrating hair conditioners.

Natural Classic Henna Treatment Wax has a unique formula based on henna leaf extract but does not colour the hair.

The nourishing Natural Classic Wax gives the hair shine and elasticity.

The conditioner also stimulates hair growth, reaching the hair bulbs and perfectly providing deep nutrition.

It is especially recommended for hair damaged by excessive washing, bleaching, colouring and other chemical treatments.

Revitalises all types of hair, especially hair that has been damaged by bleaching, perming or tinting. Excellent deep penetrating hair conditioner.


Natural Classic Aloe Vera Treatment Wax is a unique conditioning hair treatment. Aloe Vera is renowned for moisturisation and re-hydration. This wax will deeply penetrate each hair shaft conditioning from root to tip.

The Natural Classic Aloe Vera Treatment Wax is formulated to revitalise all types of hair particularly hair which has been damaged by blenching, perming or over-styled.

As a result, the hair regains its shine and elasticity. Used on a regular basis it will improve the condition and manageability of the hair. It will not colour hair.

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