Royal Hair & Scalp Hair Styling Products
Royal Hair & Scalp Hair Styling Products

Royal Hair & Scalp Hair Styling Products

Beeswax - 227g
Beeswax - 388g
Hair Food - 227g
Hair Food - 388g
Indian Hemp - 227g
Indian Hemp - 388g
Marrow - 454g

100% Indian Hemp Hair & Scalp Conditioner

It is formulated with natural blend of indian hemp, jojoba oil and olive oil to condition and nourish your hair & scalp. This special formula replenishes vital moisture needed to promote healthier and stronger hair growth. It restores incredible sheen as it repairs dry, damaged and chemically treated hair


It combines Lanolin, essential oils, and 100 percent pure Australian beeswax to offer superior skin and hair care. It can be used on rough and dry skin areas like feet, and heels. It is also a hair styling agent, protects the hair and scalp, and increases the strength of the hair shaft.

Hair Food

Moisture Replacement Treatment replenishes essentialoils, promotes healthy hair, blend of natural extracts. Contains Oils ofAvocado, Rosemary, Jojoba, Sunflower, Sweet Almond. It adds shine, softens andmanageability to hair

Botanical Marrow Emergency Hair Treatment.

It fortified with natural extracts. Recommended for dry demaged chemical treated hair. Formulated for professional salon services such as perming relaxing and bleaching coloring, etc. Leaves hair smooth, exceptionally soft and manageable

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