Palmer's Hair Scalp Treatment & Styling Products

Palmer's Hair Scalp Treatment & Styling Products
 Palmer's Hair Scalp Treatment & Styling ProductsPalmer's Hair Scalp Treatment & Styling Products 
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Brand:  Palmer's

Hair Success Gro Treatment

A revolutionary water-resistant emulsion formula that combines Vitamin E, Olive Oil and Soy Protein to coat and protect the hair shaft, allowing hair to grow longer.

Hair is protected from humidity and other harsh environmental factors.

Also conditions and moisturizes dry scalp

Bergamot Formula

This lightweight, daily conditioning hair dress enriched with Bergamot, Balsam and Vitamin E, gently moisturizes dry, damaged hair

Helps prevent breakage and split ends while leaving hair soft, manageable and easy to style

Hair Food Formula

Restore sheen to dull, lifeless hair with this unique blend of essential oils, vitamins and protein

a unique blend of essential oils, Vitamins A, D and E, plus protein, helps soften and condition hair and scalp.

This special formula restores sheen to dull, lifeless hair

Pressing Oil

Ideal for individuals who are looking for quick and effective treatment for their dry and brittle hair that is prone to breakage, as this special formula contains a fine blend of natural oils and protein - to increase the effectiveness of the iron and to keep your hair from burning, breaking or reverting.

This wonderful product is enriched with natural and nourishing oils which will leave hair soft and lustrous at all times

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