Mazuri Olive Oil Kids Hair Treatments
Mazuri Olive Oil Kids Hair Treatments

Mazuri Olive Oil Kids Hair Treatments

Muffin Mayonaise
Precious Pudding
Patootie Styling Gel
Boogabear Hair And Scalp Balm

Precious Ponytail Hair Pudding

Mazuri Kids Olive Oil Precious Ponytail Hair Pudding is just what mum needs to maintain great looking ponytails. Control frizz, defines curls and helps condition and seals hairs moisture balance. Made with shea butter, avocado and olive oil

Boogabear Hair & Scalp Balm

Mazuri Kids Olive Oil Boogabear Hair And Scalp Balm when applied directly to the scalp relieves dryness and blends naturally with both hair and scalp for healthy maintanance, strengthening and promoting hair growth.

Kids Cutie Patootie Styling Gel

Lock and hold your hair in place with a blend of hydrating olive oil, coconut and vitamin E. This water soluble products, seals the hairs natural moisture and controls fly away hair for perfect styling. Hold Factor 8. No flaking.

Muffin Hair Mayonnaise

Mazuri Kids Olive Oil Muffin Hair Mayonnaise Treatment this deep protien treatment is used after shampooing and before conditioning to reconstruct te hairs natural Ph balance and add additional moisture and strength to dry, dull or damaged hair

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