Lets Dred Hair Products For Locks, Dreadlocks, Braids, Twist

Coconut Oil
Maint. Oil
Conditioning Shampoo
Formulated especially for today's dredlocks hairstyles. Contains natural oils. Conditions hair and scalp.
Locks and Braid Spray
Specially formulated with essential herbs oils. This braid spray is recommended to be used on any locks, braids, weaves and twists - natural or synthetic hair fiber. Due to the Essential oil, the hair will be very glossy, Conditioned and properly moisturise

Locks Maintenance Oil

FOR THE FAMILY. Dreadlocks Maintenance oil makes locks Non-Brittle and prevents Breakage and Dryness.

Natures Bees Wax

Pure natural beeswax helps to condition and soothe hair and scalp. Leaves hair and scalp refreshed and healthy
Section hair to be dreadlocks into strands.
Remove portion of wax from container with fingers.
Rub natures wax from the root of sectioned hair outwards 5 - 6 times until Dreadlocks is formed.
Use fingers to massage each Dreadlock until wax completely dissolve

Coconut Oil

A natural product that has been used ever since the ancient days as a sheen and moisturizer for dry, dull, and brittle hair

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