Jamaican Mango & Lime Hair Products - Rasta, Locks & Twists
Jamaican Mango & Lime Hair Products - Rasta, Locks & Twists

Jamaican Mango & Lime Hair Products - Rasta, Locks & Twists

Island Oil - 237ml
Tingle Shampoo - 237ml
Protein Conditioner - 237ml
Lock & Set Styling Spray
Medicated No More Itch Gro Spray - 237ml
Braid Twist Remover - 237ml
No More Itch Gro Spray - 237ml
Mango & Shea Butter Lotion - 237ml

Rasta Locks & Twist products were developed from an ancient Jamaican recipe used by Rastafarians in the fertile hills of Jamaica.

The cactus plant survives and grows in the driest of climates by extracting and retaining moisture from the environment.

Cactus extract ingredients are specifically designed to moisturize and condition dry, damaged, thinning locks and keep them fresh, healthy, natural and well groomed

Tingle Shampoo - 236ml

It contains Tea Tree extracts to gently cleanse and nourish hair while stimulating the scalp, relieving itching and removing build-up

Formulated to gently cleanse and nourish natural hair. This invigorating formula contains Tea Tree extracts that stimulate the scalp, relieve itching and remove build-up.

Massage Scalp, Relieves Itching,  Removes Build Up & Gently Cleanses

Protein Conditioner - 236ml

It provides maximum moisture while strengthening locs and preventing hair breakage.

This formula provides a firm hold and soft finish for retwisting locs without flaking and causing build-up of traditional gels.

Natural Conditioners / Strengthens Locks / Prevents Breakage / Moisturizes

Braid Twist Remover - 236ml

It helps to detangle braid and twist styles while softening the hair and preventing breakage.

Detangles / Stops Breakage / Conditions / Softens / Strengthens and Shines

Locks & Set Styling Lotion - 236ml

Perfect for roller sets, spirals and twist outs, this formula provides hold, definition and volume for long-lasting natural styles.

Roller Set / Crimps/Crinkles / Curls/Body

No More Itch Gro Spray - 236ml

It cleans and stimulates your roots and moisturizes at the same time.

Use with Jamaican Mango and Lime Lock Gro to eliminate the itching caused by reduced blood flow due to the fact that the scalp is no longer being stimulated by combs or brushes

An invigorating root simulator and cleanser that promotes healthy blood flow in the scalp, while aggressively moisturizing the hair.

Prevents Itchy & Dry Scalp / Longer Locks Faster / Non Greasy Faster / Prevents Breakage / Moisturizes

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