Lemon Clear Skin Clearing Beauty Products

Lotion - 500ml
Dark Spot Corrector - 40g
Oil - 125ml
Serum - 30ml


Clear lemon soap is exfoliating that has been developed to treat and clean your body. It removes dead skin cells and prevents the appearance of black spots and pimples. Thanks to its formula composed of vitamins C and E, it regenerates and softens your skin and evens your complexion. This ultra-penetrating soap prepares your skin a moisturising and clarifying beauty treatment. Use on the face and body morning and evening


Lemon Clear Cream is a whitening body lotion with an active serum that brightens the skin. It prevents pathogens, reduces excess oil on skin, closes pores and removes dirt and impurities. This cream aids in the removal of organisms that can cause acne and cold sores

Dark Spot Corrector (DSC)
The lemon clear dark spots corrector (DSC) cream has been developed to treat and illuminate imperfection on your skin.

Enriched with vitamin c and e, it allows to obtain a uniform and clear complexion. It also helps remove black spots and pimples, brightening, anti-stain, anti-pimples anti-acne

Helps to speed up skin lightening, skin problems, uneven skin, brown spots


Lemon Clear serum lightens, unifies and illuminates the complexion. It helps to eliminate brown spots. Fights against hyperpigmentation and brightens the skin. 


Lemon clear clearing beauty oil treatment has developed to take gentle care of your skin and soften it. composed with vitamin c and e, it allows getting a lovely complexion and makes your skin fair and light. lemon clear helps removing dark blotches and pimples.


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