A3 Lemon 4 Ever Bright Skin Lightening Products
A3 Lemon 4 Ever Bright Skin Lightening Products

A3 Lemon 4 Ever Bright Skin Lightening Products

Cream -400ml
Fair Tone Plus Cream


Rich of selected ingredients to visibly uniform the complexion colour contrasting the formation and/or re-appearance of skin blemishes (dark spots).

Non-greasy formula to provide a tonic and velvety skin; the long lasting citrus fragrance gives an extraordinary sensation of freshness.
Directions: Apply mornings and evenings on perfectly cleansed skin, massaging delicately until complete absorption.


Specially designed to give uniformity glowing skin and fight against the reappearance of blemishes and dark spots. Deliciously scented Mediterranean citrus.
It keeps your skin moisturised

It helps keep your skin glowing, and refreshing

Fair Tone Plus

It clears Stubborn Blemishes of the skin caused both by an excessive response to environmental insults (sunrays) and by the hormonal changes (age, pregnancy), responsible of the irregular formation of the Melanin (spots).

In addition, the Sun Rays Shield makes this cream ideal to control the skin from further darkening.



For Dry Skin 95 percent Vegetable

Dermo Purifying Soap

This is pure and rich formula in 100 percent base vegetable base to improve skin luminosity and complexion uniformity Ideal for all types of skin

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