Kemi Oyl All Natural Hair Oil 4oz

2 x 1.25oz

Kemi-Oyl can be used for styling pressing conditioning and hot oil treatments. Excellent for the maintenance of locks braids and the natural look. Leaves your hair with incredible sheen without greasiness. Because of its lightness and spreadability Kemi-Oyl imparts sheen and pliability without greasiness.   

 It is good for daily use on any type of hair. It can be used on dry or wet hair. It is excellent for blow drying, curling, and defrissaging (pressing) because it creates a thermal barrier which helps to prevent dryness, split ends, and damage.

Kemi-Oyl provides body, bounce, and new aliveness on chemically treated, coloured, or natural hair. Can be used on dry or wet hair. Excellent for blow-drying, curling, defrissaging, hot-oil treatments, styling and finishing


Apply to wet or dry hair; put plastic cap on head; sit under hot dryer or heat cap for 15-20 minutes; depending on hair texture leave oil in hair or rinse with warm water.

Place small amount(3-4 drops) in palm of hand. Rub hands together and distribute through hair evenly until absorbed. 

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