Difeel Premium 99% Natural Hair Oil

Tea Tree Oil - 75ml
Coconut Oil - 75ml
Vitamin E Oil - 75ml
Castor Oil - 75ml
Argan Oil - 75ml
Jamaican Black Castor Oil - 75ml
Olive Oil - 75ml

Tea Tree Oil, For Itchy Dry Scalp, Pure Herb Formula With Vitamins, Strengthens & Repairs Hair Follicles, Eliminates Itching & Dandruff, For All Hair Types

Castor Hair Oil, Helps Promote Healthy Hair Growth, Nourishes Scalp & Strengthens Roots

Jamaican Black Castor Premium Oil is widely known for helping repair and prevent damage, aiding in natural, healthy hair growth. All hair types and textures benefits significantly.

Black castor oil is perfect conditioner for natural and healthy hair. Leaving hair softer smoother and brighter. Helps increase blood flow to the scalp and reduce hair breakage and dry, itchy scalp

Vitamin E, Pure Herb Formula With Vitamins, For Thinning Hair, Rejuvenates & Revitalizes Hair & Scalp, Promotes Healthy Hair Growth

Argan Oil, Moisturizes Dry Hair & Smoothes Hair Follicles, Leaves Hair Thicker Softer & Silkier

Olive Oil, For Extra Dry Hair, Rejuvenates Hair, Leaves Hair Softer & Manageable, Moisturises Hair & Provides Protection From Dryness

Deep Conditioning Coconut Hair Oil, For Strong & Smooth Hair, Moisturizes Hair & Scalp 

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