Gluta White Age Defying With Glutathione & Collagen Products

Soap - 190g
Lotion - 500ml
Serum - 60ml
Spot Remover - 6g

Formulated with dual active ingredients Glutathione and Collagen, the Gluta White lightening range restores youthfulness and radiance to your skin. Cleans the skin deeply, removes all types of spots and scars for an even complexion

Glutawhite exfoliating clarifying soap softens and cleanses the skin without dry it out and get rid of dead cells. It purifies, eliminates spots and imperfections and is suitable for all skin types.

Glutawhite clarifying  Lotion  moisturizes, tonifies and repairs your skin. It minimizes all skin impurities, imperfections and guarantees smooth, glowing and firm skin.

The clarifying serum with its formulation in double active Glutathione and Collagen, acts effectively on stubborn brown spots, unifies the complexion and makes the skin softer.

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