Fair & White Original Body Brightening Products

Soap - 200g
Cream- Milk - 500ml
Purity Fade Cream - 200ml
Moisturizing Cream - 400ml
Brightening Cream - 50ml
Gel - 30ml
Serum - 30ml
Purifying Lotion - 300ml

Original Exfoliating Soap with Apricot kernels accelerates the elimination of dead cells. Not only does it deep cleanse the skin, but it also leaves your complexion smooth and radiant.

Fair & White Cream Milk nourishing formula is specially designed to deeply hydrate even the driest skin types. Infused with Shea butter, known for its regenerative and nourishing properties, as well as hydrating Glycerin, this cream milk offers ideal skincare for achieving a smooth and radiant complexion.

This Original Serum has been elaborated to be a unique formula to smooth the coloration of the skin.

Brightening Cream For Face - The rich and smooth formula of the Original Cream has been designed to fight brown patches and enlighten your skin. For a brighter complexion.

The Original F&W Cream Gel with its silky texture helps to reduce brown spots. For a complexion visibly smoother. Formulated to lighten signs of hyperpigmentation associated with sun damage, brown spots, melasma, acne scars and signs of aging. Improves clarity and radiance

Purity Fade Cream - The Fade Cream contains emollient and a fading agent which fight to against blemishes, which results in purified, clearer and smoother complexion.

Ideal care for combined to greasy skins.

The Original Ultra Moisturizing Cream is rich and creamy moisturizes dry and dehydrated skins. Its formula contains sea Collagen to reinforce its anti-drying action.
Delicately perfumed, this skincare helps your skin to recover softness and suppleness.
The DERMAPURE Purifying Lotion has been developed for oily skins prone to acne. To gently purify your skin and help fight against blackheads.
Contains panthenol and aloe vera gel known for their soothing properties.
DERMAPURE gives a feeling of immediate comfort and coolness.
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