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Detangling Conditioner
Deep Conditioner
Oil Moisturiser
Braid Spray
Herbal Oil

Shampoo and Conditioner - 355ml

Deep cleansing,conditioning moisturizing shampoo.

Super rich lather that gently clean.

Detangling Conditioner - 355ml

Deep penetrating conditioner with humectants tomoisturize and replenish nutrients.

Detangles for smooth, easy combing.

Enriched with Aloe Vera

Deep Conditioner - 355ml

Uniquelyformulated as a Rinse-out or Leave-in conditioner that will add body and lusterto dry, moisture deprived hair.

When rinsed-out, the African herbal andbotanical formula leaves hair feeling soft and well-conditioned

Oil Moisturizer - 355ml

Enriched with Shea Butter. Instantly restoresmoisture, revitalizes dry, damaged hair, provides a healthy sheen

Silky Set - 355ml

Silky smooth herbalformula for Wraps, Roller Sets and Wet Styles.

Delivers long-lasting , yet softhold.

No stiff or crunchy feel.

Braid Sheen Spray - 355ml

Moisturizes braids andconrows.

Prevents dryness and aids in relieving, itchy scalp.

Boosts sheen.

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