Africa's Best Organics Olive Oil Hair Products

Deep Conditioner
Foam Wrap Lotion
Growth Lotion
Leave In Conditioner
Setting Lotion
Styling Gel
Twist & Loc Gel
Cream Therapy
Olive & Clove Oil Therapy

Shampoo - 355ml

Cleanses, Moisturizes & Detangles

Deep Conditioner - 426g

Formulated to heal, repair and strengthen damaged, dry hair.

Styling Gel - 426g

With Olive Oil for strength and shine.

Holds hair without stiff feel.

Setting Lotion - 177ml

Detangles, Moisturizes and Holds Curls For Roller Setting,

Wrapping and General Styling

Leave In Conditioner - 177ml

Daily Use Conditioner that helps stop breakage.

Use on wet or dry hair

Growth Lotion - 355ml

Enhances growth and restores healthy moisture balance.

Foam Wrap Lotion 

ALCOHOL-FREE, silky, flexible hold with no crunchy, stiff free

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