Yolk Clarifier Treatment Lotion 400ml

Yolk Skin Care lotion Clarifier and  Treatment is rich in egg yolks, known to clarify the skin, reduce spots and unify the complexion and 99% natural

It tightens pores and treats problem skin with moisturising and antibacterial properties which gives it a purifying power and soothing, eliminating excess sebum for more unified skin.

Contain Oats which act as a renaturing agent, leaving the skin supple and hydrated, Vitamin E with its action antioxidant, fights against aging and combines with collagen which hydrates, smoothes and plumps the skin.

This lotion has a light texture, illuminates, purifies and helps your skin to maintain its natural balance, protecting it from stains and preventing it from drying out. Radiance ensures from the first week of use

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Brand:  Uniparco

Yolk Clarifier Treatment Lotion 400ml

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