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Berry Clean Out
Hair & Scalp Oil
Herbal Comb Out
Herbal Style & Shine
Soft & Curly
Tangles Out

Berry Clean Three In One - 237ml

Bilberry and Chamomile Formula

  • Cleans, Conditions
  • Moisturizes and Leaves Hair
  • Soft and Manageable.

Free of harsh chemicals and alcohol:

Natural extracts and ingredients in our gentle formula softens the curl pattern while adding moisture.

Making hair more manageable and easier to comb

Herbal Comb Out - 237ml

Ouch-less healthy hair care for children with no more crying at combing time

This product conditions, moisturizes, and softens on contact, adding nutrients for stronger, healthier hair.

The secret to combing children's natural hair.

  • Eliminates breakage
  • Green tea and sage formula

Hair & Scalp Oil - 236ml

With Vitamin E is a non-greasy natural formula that easily absorbs into the hair and scalp to provide moisture and hydration.

Your child's hair will benefit from the rich nutrients found in Soybean oil that promotes hair growth, add nourishment, strengthen hair and help to maintain natural moisture, softness and shine.

Works to repair and restore hair damage and breakage and helps maintain healthy hair.

Natural Herbal Style & Shine Cream - 177ml5.0 2.0

All curly hair needs moisture, This hair styling and repair cream conditions, adds sheen and moisture, and stops breakage.

It addresses the needs of children's chemical-free curly hair and helps repair damaged hair.

This gentle formula softens the curl pattern while conditioning and making hair manageable.

  • For all textures of curly hair
  • Green tea and sage formula
  • Quality ingredients and herbal extracts
  • Free of harsh chemicals and alcohol

Natural Soft & Curly - 177ml

Staying away from harsh chemicals and alcohol when using a childrens product should always be the objective. Kinky, Wavy, Natural introduces the Soft and Curly, a light, alcohol free, moisture-based, styling jelly.

This gentle formula defines the curl pattern, produces frizz-free curls and moisturizes dull and dry hair.

Your child will see their beautiful curls in no time

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