Rinju Hand & Body LotionsRinju Hand & Body Lotions 
Rinju Hand & Body Lotions

Rinju Hand and Body Lotion restores moisture and luxuriously soothes your skin. Its rich non greasy formula combines vitamin E and botanicals to soften even very dry skin instantly

Rinju Gold Total Beauty Beurre De Karite Shea Butter Lotion 473ml
Provide your Skin with ultimate moisture and protection every day.
Enriched with pure shea butter witch smoothes and softens all skin types while restoring its youthful glow.
It Contains: Almond, Coconut Oil , Oatmeal, Vitamin A & E
It’s exotic fragrance blended with essential oils provides the ultimate relaxing experience

Rinju Beaute Reelle, inspired by the city of love, is a luxurious fragrance to treasure forever. The mesmerizing Parisian scent will relax your body and tranquilize your soul. The perfect blend of powerful ingredients like CoQ10, Shea Butter, and essential vitamins will leave your skin feeling smooth, caressed and pampered.
Cocoa Butter
Moisturizes dry skin and protects against damage from the sun & the environment. Its rich non greasy formula sooths and softens skin instantly. The cocoa butter fades scars & marks on the skin. Shea butter, cocoa butter olive oil neem oil aloe Vera honey and almond butter heal and hydrate rough dry skin
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Brand:  R & R Cosmestics

Rinju Hand & Body Lotions

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