Pr. Francoise Bedon Carrot Body Lightening Products

Soap - 200g
Serum - 50ml
Cream - 50g
Lotion - 500ml


The Soap Specially Formulated For The Hygiene And The Fight Of The Impurities Of The Skin. Contains Of The Carrot And The Vitamin E To Clarify Your Complexion  to Original Brightness. 

The Soap Of Beauty That Cleanses Delicately The Skin. This Soap Clears Up Your Complexion And Leaves Your Smooth, Sweet, Healthy And Brilliant Skin.

Pr. Francoise Bedon Carrot Lightening Cream effectively fights against dark spots, natural or accidental marks and scars caused by regency, ageing or sun exposure. 


The Professor Francoise Bedon Carrot lightening serum is an intense and very fast lightening care. It reduces dark spots and unifies the skin.

Ideal for knuckles, elbows and knees


Plants extracts and carrot oil work together to bring your skin immediate relief and long-lasting moisturisation.

Thanks to its high level of beta carotene, changed into vitamin A by the organism, your epidermis has a better protection against the daily aggression: pollution, wind cold.

With Vitamin E, this lotion helps fight against the free-radicals, which are the main cause for age marks and wrinkles. Plants extracts clarify your complexion and give it back its original brightness.


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