PCJ Pretty and Silky Kids Hair Products
PCJ Pretty and Silky Kids Hair Products

PCJ Pretty and Silky Kids Hair Products

Creme Oil
Detangling Spray
Hair Dress

Conditioning Shampoo - 355ml

It is a gentle shampoo that effectively lifts dirt and residue from the hair without stripping hair of natural oils. It contains Vitamin E and conditioners that penetrate the hair shaft to moisturize dry brittle hair, as it detangles and helps eliminate fly away hairs.

Regular use helps restore the moisture balance of the hair, leaving it shiny and bouncy.

It is ideal for naturals, braids and chemically treated hair.

Condition the hair with the Moisturizing Condition

Moisturizing Conditioner - 355ml

It is vitamin fortified to help revitalize dry and brittle hair. It contains Vitamin E, and humectants that moisturize damaged hair and restore vital nutrients. Luster's PCJ Moisturizing Conditioner provides softness, adds moisture, leaving the hair with superior sheen, gloss and manageability

Creme Oil - 355ml

Give your daughters soft and shiny hair

It restores moisture and prevents young hair from becoming dry and brittle. Its light conditioning oil is perfect for relaxed, pressed and virgin hair. Plus, there's no greasy feel.

Detangling Spray - 355ml

Tame hard-to-comb tangles, wet or dry

It contains proteins and leave-in conditioners and that helps stop breakage and tames the tangles of wet hair. It conditions the hair and makes it easier to comb. It can be used on all types of hair.

Hairdress - 142g

Soothe her itchy scalp with essential oils

This oil-enriched hairdress restores moisture to dry hair. With is perfect for pressing and works beautifully for relaxed and natural styles

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