Pantene Expert Age Defy Hair Care Products

Shampoo - 2 x 250ml
Mask - 2 x 200ml
Age-Defy shampoo with its Tripe-Active complex, three nutritious ingredients combined in a unique way, has been specially designed by experts in hair and skin to achieve hair looking up to 10 years younger

When used with the conditioner and Intensive Redensifying Treatment, it covers each hair giving it density. 

It can be used daily. 

Apply with a wet hair massage.

It is not necessary to repeat.

Rejuvenating Mask

Provides resilience against breakage and helps restore healthy hydration

Take the time to make rough, dry hair a thing of the past. This intense nourishing formula, designed with Olay Anti-Aging Experts, helps restore healthy hydration levels for fully moisturized, beautifully rejuvenated locks.

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