ORS Shea Butter Natural Hair Products
ORS Shea Butter Natural Hair Products

ORS Shea Butter Natural Hair Products

Anti Itch
Herbal Cleanse Dry Shampoo
Lock & Twist Gel
Nature's Shine
Shea Butter Lotion

Herbal Cleanse - 236ml

A dry shampoo that keeps your hair and scalp refreshed between regular shampoos

Ideal for those starting locks and wearing braids. Enriched with lavender to eliminate odors, and sweet basil to help alleviate itching.

Certain styles such as braids, locks, & twists, can cause irregular shampoo habits, creating excess residue, dirt and bacteria build-up on the scalp and hair.

Herbal Cleanse is a lavender colored gel that contains Lavender. The natural cleansing action refreshes and stimulates the scalp while aloe's healing properties calm and soothe.

Shea Butter Moisturizing Lotion - 236ml

It is a non-greasy, fresh-fragranced lotion that penetrates instantly leaving a long lasting shine. It moisturizes and softens with no white residue.

It is a lemon yellow lotion that contains Shea Butter to add moisture, Carrot Oil with Beta Carotene to help prevent breakage, softening Emollients and Natural Glycerin. Perfect for young children, and those with wavy textures.

The problem most people have with natural and some color treated hair and braids are that the hair is dry, brittle, dull and/or lifeless

Nature's Shine - 236ml

This light grease-less shine is perfect for every natural hair style

Its natural properties are so unique it can also be used as the perfect body oil moisturizer.

Nature's Shine adds the finishing touches to all natural hairstyles.

Nature's Shine has a unique blend of natural oils. Coconut oil is known to penetrate through the hair follicle to add moisture and shine. Soybean oil, which is a natural source of Vitamins A & E, helps to add nutrients to the hair and acts as an emollient. Kukui Oil is used in Hawaii and is known as a natural remedy for healing the skin and hair. It works to protect the hair from the elements.

Essentials oils are also added

  • Spearmint is known for soothing the scalp

  • Bergamot acts as an anti-irritant (perfect for braids and twists)

  • Lemon is an aromatherapy treatment known to help fight odor

Lock & Twist Gel - 368g

This specially formulated gel contains no alcohol or beeswax and will not cause flaking. It allows you to style and/or touch up your hair and is ideal for those with locks and twists.

Many consumers use beeswax or gels with alcohol and sodium hydroxide (lye) to style their hair, but these products cause problems such as dry brittle hair, build-up, flaking, and in some cases, hair thinning or hair loss. In the past the only way to get the right balance of hold and moistures was to mix different oils, gels and waxes together. The use of Lock and Twist Gel results in twists with a fabulous shine and hold

Anti-Itch Scalp Oil - 130ml

Formulated for natural hairstyles. It is a rich oil with Aloe Vera Oil, other natural oils, and natural fruit acids added.

It helps to alleviate itching and tightness that is often associated with braids. its unique formulation helps it stay where you put it.

It doesn't run or cause build-up

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