Nivea Q10 Plus 3 in 1 Radiance BB Cushion  01Light 15g

NIVEA Q10plus 3 in 1 Radiance BB Cushion provides 3 great benefits: anti-age protection, 24 hour moisture, and natural looking coverage.

It's an easy way to attain naturally beautiful, smooth skin without masking your natural appearance.

The innovative 3 in 1 BB Cushion is enriched with co-enzyme Q10, that helps to visibly reduce signs of skin ageing.

The Cushion also provides the skin with 24h moisture, and every retouch leaves the skin looking smooth, fresh and soft.

Colour pigments blend effortlessly with medium skin tones to enhance youthful radiance.

The easy-to-use format allows for portability, and easy touch-ups anytime and anywhere. Upon application, NIVEA's Q10 BB Cushion will leave skin looking fresh, smooth and even. After long term use, fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced.

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Brand:  Nivea

Nivea Q10 Plus 3 in 1 Radiance BB Cushion 01Light 15g

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