Nivea Men Body Shaving ProductsNivea Men Body Shaving Products 
Nivea Men Body Shaving Products

Stick - 75ml

NIVEA MEN Body Shaving Anti Irritation Body Stick enables an efficient, fast and protected body shave. Unlike traditional shaving gels no unnecessary shaving gel or time is wasted since the exact amount needed for shaving can be applied directly onto the shaving area and hands stay clean

Gel - 200ml

NIVEA MEN Body Shaving Anti Irritation Shaving Gel supports the skin during body shaving and protects it against irritation.
The moisturising formula contains gliding polymers which adhere well to the skin, even under the shower to provide exceptional razor glide for a soft and protected shave.


Lotion - 240ml

NIVEA MEN Body Shaving After Shave Lotion strengthens your skin immediately after shaving, effectively protecting it against irritation
The lotion absorbs quickly and moisturises intensively, helping the skin to immediately rebuild its natural protective layer.

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Nivea Men Body Shaving Products

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