Niuma Skin Lightening Body Lotions

White - 500ml
Pink - 500ml
Carrot - 500ml

Niuma Skin Lightening Body Lotion

Niuma, Moisturizing Body Milk, with Herbal extracts, Collagen, Sodium PCA - the main component of Skin Natural Moisturizing Factor-NMF, Glycerine and Natural Oils, gives instant lasting relief to dry skin.

Niuma Body Milk is a smoothing moisturiser for hands and body


Niuma Pink Lotion 


Niuma Skin Lightening Body Lotion Protects and gives you long Lasting results In Lightening and Brightening Your Skin.

Niuma Pink Lotion Smoothes and softens your skin, tones and brightens the complextion, helps to clear spots and blemishes and protects against bacteria.

Directions: Wash carefully then massage lotion gently into your Skin.

Use Regularly once or twice A Day for Best Results 


Niuma Carrot Lotion 

Niuma Carrot Lotion is specially formulated for dark skin, it gently smoothes and softens your skin.

The active ingredients carotene fights against the process of hyperpigmentation.

Daily use of this lotion makes your complexion brighter and smoother

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