Niuma Carrot Shower Gel
Niuma Carrot Shower Gel

Niuma Carrot Shower Gel

Shower Gel - 750ml
Soap - 200g

Soap- 200g

Niuma Exfoliating Soap Contains Apricot Seed Powder To Accelerate The Elimination Of Dead Cells. It Also Contains Carrot Oil With B-Carotene To Protect And Lighten The Skin. This Soap Gives A Softer And Smoother Complexion.

Shower Gel - 750ml

With the Soft And Creamy Feeling and Its Abundant And Delicate Foam, Niuma Shower Gel Provides A Pleasant Sensation Of Wellbeing During Bath Or Shower.

Its Intense Fragrance Promotes A Long Lasting Pleasure And Relaxing Effect From Daily Fragrance And Freshness To The Skin

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