New Light Cream

Lemon Cream - 50g
Zaban Cream - 47ml
Gel - 60g

New Light Zaban Cream is a beauty product intended to reduce skin roughness.  Its concentrated formula based on Pomegranate and Zaban (madd) from West Africa, without water, is ideal for smoothing rough skin, renewing the upper layers of the epidermis and eliminating dead cells, thanks to the combined action of natural extracts and salicylic acid.

New Light Lemon cream consists of most efficient minerals that help eliminate dark spots from different causes like Ageing, Sun exposure, Dark spots, Damaged skin, Uneven skin tone, Scars, and Stretch marks. Its smooth and moisturised texture promotes a real pleasure when using this care, it will improve and revitalise your skin with a spotless and fair complexion day after day.

New Light Pomegranate is designed to nature the skin. It is a multi-function whitening body care cream that unifies, corrects, protects, brightens and hydrates your skin in one step. This lightening combination contains natural fruit extracts, which encourages skin cell renewal. It equally moisturises the skin, eliminates blemishes, blackhead, pimples and gives the skin a flawless tone.

New Light Gel is a bleaching gel that works to remove the top layers of the skin and lighten dark spots. It’s active ingredient helps to exfoliate the skin and diminish dark spots caused by spots due to acne, age spots, sun-damage and other skin pigmentation.

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