Morny Nature's Moisturising Creams

Aloe Vera - 300ml
Vitamin E - 300ml
Lavende - 300ml

Aloe Vera

A sumptuous cream containing healing and restorative Aloe Vera, perfect for optimum hydration of the skin.

A classic moisturising cream that has been specially formulated with natural extract of aloe vera, which will condition your skin leaving it feeling soft and refreshed.

Great for use after skin exposure to the sun due to its natural cooling properties.

Vitamin E 

Contains Aloe Vera for optimum hydration and Vitamin E for its anti oxidant properties.

The  rich blend fresh green leaves, nuts and avocados, all high in vitamin E to help retain your skins natural moisture content.

Daily use of this non-greasy cream under make-up or as an all-over body treat, will leave your skin soft and smooth.




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