Miracle Maxitone Skinlightening Products
Miracle Maxitone Skinlightening Products

Miracle Maxitone Skinlightening Products

Cream - 50g
Gel - 30g
Milk - 500ml
Glycerine - 300g
Serum - 30ml

Miracle Maxitone Clarifying Complexion Fading Soap not only cleanses the skin, but it also eliminates undesired impurities and rubs dead cells on the superficial layers of the epidermis. The result is rapidly remarkable as the skin becomes clear, fresh and smooth

Miracle Maxitone Serum is serum for skin clarifying . This serum is concentrated with all new active agents which helps to obtain the complexion and a deep renewal of the skin. This product helps to fade efficiently dark spots and to avoid hyper pigmentation

Miracle Maxitone Advanced Complex Fading Gel is gentle and effective. This gel is has all new active ingredients which helps obtain a gradual lightening of the complexion which Renews the skins properties. Helps to fade efficiently dark spots

Miracle Maxitone Advanced Lightening Cream with Vitamins and Sunscreen. With its clarifying active agents this new cream eliminates dark spots as it keeps the skin smooth and moisturised. On a longer term the complexion become lighter and uniform.


This Miracle Maxitone Lightening Beautifying Face & Body Milk can be used on the face and body. This lotion will help to reduce dark spots and unify the complexion with out irritating the skin. It has moisturising properties that will help skin feel smoother and look younger

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