Living Bitters Natural Health Formula

Tablets - 30
Liquid - 200ml

Living Bitters Tonic Is A Super Easy Potent Natural Health Tonic That Has Great Healing Potentials. It Helps Speeds Up Natural Cleansing Of The Entire Body System, Improving Intestinal Absorption And Metabolism, As It Gently Empties The Colon, Cleaning Out Old Toxic Matter And Mucus From The Body.

It Has Proven To Be Effective For Anal Fissure, Hair Loss, Ulcers, Constipation, Hemorrhoids, Wounds, Burns, Frostbite


When toxins, poisons and other material begin to build up even block parts of your colon, it cannot work as efficiently as your body requires. You need to flush out your colon

Not recommended for: Pregnant women, lactating mothers, children under 12 years, women during heavy menstruation, those suffering from cholera and diarrhoea and those with bleeding piles.

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