Johnsons Body Vita-Rich Body Washes -  400mlJohnsons Body Vita-Rich Body Washes -  400ml 
Johnsons Body Vita-Rich Body Washes -  400ml
Johnsons Body Vita-Rich Body Washes

Wash your way to soft and rejuvenated skin with Johnson's Vita-Rich body washes

Rose Water - 400ml
A staple in traditional Middle Eastern home beauty remedies, rose water is known for its hydrating and soothing benefits, especially for sensitive skin. This delicately scented body wash also soothes your senses

Raspberry Extract - 400ml
This body wash is simply summer in a bottle.
The wild berry and raspberry are packed with Vitamin C and antioxidants that keep the skin supple and replenish lost moisture, and give this wash a refreshing, bright and breezy scent

Papaya Extract - 400ml
This luscious, tropical body wash cleanses your skin impeccably, getting rid of all impurities, while also providing hydration.
Papaya, a natural exfoliate popular in traditional skin-toning remedies, helps to smooth the skin's texture, leaving it soft and healthy

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Brand:  Johnson's

Johnsons Body Vita-Rich Body Washes - 400ml

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