Instant Pony Ponytail FM P015
Instant Pony Ponytail FM P015

Instant Pony Ponytail FM P015

1 - Jet Black
1b - Natural Black
2 - Darkest Brown
4 - Dark Brown

Made of 100% synthetic hair.
It features a fast pony drawstring application, the up dos feature a large cap for more comfort and provide greater volume than normal brands. Look Glam in Instant style in 60 seconds

Quick and easy to attach for everyday wear or add some style for a night out
Instantly saves you money and time


Gently detangle the hair from ends to roots using a paddle brush or wide-tooth comb.
Add a little amount of shampoo in cold water.

Gently shake the ponytail in the water.

Rinse thoroughly in cold water. Shake out excessive water (Do not squeeze or wiring the ponytail).

Hang until completely dry & Brush into the desired style.
Do not rub the cap when washing.

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