Huile Eclaircissante Body Oil

White Now - 125ml
Super White - 125ml
Teint Jaune - 125ml

Huile White Now Triple Action Oil  is infused in Beta Carotene, Vitamin E, Fruit Acid and Natural Plant Extracts to help fade out skin imperfections and impurities.

With use your skin is hydrated, nourished and clearer in complexion.

Super White formula is for all skin types. Guaranteed to give an even skin without dark spots and imperfections

Teint Jaune clarifying oil’s formula is for stubborn parts of the body and all skin types. A combination of active ingredients that purify your skin and guarantee an even skin tone without dark spots and imperfections. Rich in fruit acids and their multivitamins, the formula of this oil is a real multi-active care.

This clarifying oil will deeply nourish the skin, fight against cutaneous slackening, make the complexion harmoniously clearer and preserve its youth and health

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