Formula AHA Skin Beautifying Products

Collagen Cream - 500g
Brightening Cream - 500g
Beautifying Milk - 237ml
Perfumed Medicated Lotion - 500ml

Formula AHA Beautifying Collagen Moisturizing Body Creme by Andrew Easterday Paris is hypoallergenic cream, enriched with Alpha Hydroxy Fruit Extracts

Formula AHA Beautifying Perfumed Body Creme is hydroquinone free enriched with alpha hydroxy fruit extracts.

Formula AHA Perfumed Medicated Lightening Body Lotion is beautifying perfumed body lotion that is hypoallergenic and hydroquinone free. It is enriched with Alpha Hydroxy Fruit Extracts and is a perfect spot remover. Contains the most effective and time proven natural ingredients that help tone, tighten, strengthen and firm problem areas

Formula AHA Beautifying Skin Milk is extra maxi tone skin milk that is enriched with Alpha Hydroxy Fruit Extracts. It smooth and even out skin tones, a unique formula that gradually brigthens discolouration on the face, hands and fade dark marks that may occur during pregnancy

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