First Lady Organics Lightening Glycerin - 400ml each

Pure Gycerin
Glycerin & Rose Water
Fruits Acids
Plants Extracts
Vitamin E
100% Pure Glycerin

The glycerin is naturally rich and active, protects the skin, prevents drying out and favours epidermis moisturising.

Idea for all skin types, even the driest ones.

Ideal to apply glycerin direct on moist skin, after shower or bath, when added to the bath it prevents skin from drying out.

Added to cream or milk it increases its moisturising action

Fruits Acids

This first lady formula combines vegetable glycerin moisturising agents to form a powerful lightening active. The skin is made supple, protected and moisturised while lightening actives encourage the cells to renew themselves, regulate pigmentation troubles and marks.

Thanks to its anti-microbial agents it efficiently fights against skin troubles (imperfections & spots)

Glycerin & Rose Water

First Lady Glycerin & Rose Water Drawn from the vegetable world, the glycerin and the rose water combination is a soft and delicately perfumed lotion. Softening, moisturising and calming actives combination.

It helps the skin regain its balance and its moisture.

This First Lady Glycerin & Rose Water protects the skin from climatic aggression and preserves its water balance. It protects and moisturise the skin.

Plant Extracts

First Lady Plant Extracts Glycerin contains a moisturising and lightening combination drawn from the vegetable world.

The 100% vegetable glycerin nourishes and moisturises the skin and gives back its flexibility, while powerful lightening actives correct pigmentation troubles and unify complexion.

Skin is left energised and refreshed.

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