Fashion Idol Peru Natural Weave - 18"

1 - Jet Black
1b - Natural Black
2 - Darkest Brown
4 - Dark Brown
T1b/27 - Natural Black / Strawberry Blonde

Fashion Idol Peru Natural Weave with a soft, natural touch and great curl retention.

The sleek Fashion Idol 101 Peru Natural Weave is a premium-quality 100% tongable fibre that has all the attributes of human hair and can be used just like it. Iron tongable up to 200ºC, this innovative heat stylable fibre lasts longer than most synthetic fibres as it retains its shape and curls without flattening out.

With a natural appearance and touch, Fashion Idol 101 will easily allow you to achieve long-lasting styling on both short and long hair. It's also more affordable than human hair while still offering you the look provided by real hair

Full body & volume, the Peru Natural Weave curl pattern has a very natural, realistic look

Performs like human hair fashion Idol 101 is made of natural 101 a high tech fibre recently developed which performs remarkably like human hair

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