Cyclax Moistura Skin Conditioning Lotion - 400ml

Intensive Lotion All Skin Types - 400ml
Conditioning Lotion Dry Skin - 400ml
Facial Exfoliator - 200ml

Cyclax Moistura Skin Conditioning Lotion is  a rich, non-greasy moisturiser for total body use. Easily absorbed on contact, it helps prevent moisture loss, keeping skin smooth and supple. Combats dry, rough or flaky skin, for a soft and silky feel.

Our skin is damaged by the environments we face during the day, intensified by constant abrasion by clothing and desperate to be taken care of

Cyclax Moistura Skin Conditioning Lotion is an easy choice to repair dry skin and prevent further damage 

Suitable to be used all over the body

Intensive Body Conditioning Lotion
Actively hydrates and protects. UV filters effectively protect the skin from the damaging ultraviolet rays in the atmosphere which can cause premature ageing. Our Intensive Body Conditioning Lotion maintains the skin’s suppleness and softness whilst enriching skin which is prone to drying.

Cyclax Gentle Facial Exfoliator
This gentle, moisturising exfoliator will help eliminate dead skin cells, leaving really clean, fresh looking and incredibly soft to the touch.

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