Coppertone Tanning SPF4 Products

Tanning Spray 117ml
Golden Tan Lotion - 120ml
Tanning Water - 200ml

Spray SPF 4 - 177ml

Moisturising spray contains Aloe and Vitamin E,

Non Sticky ,Non-greasy, won't clog pores,

Quick even coverage-Goes on clear, no mess-no rub,

Water resistant (80 minutes)-Sand Resistant,

Continuous Spray product spray at any angle.

Coppertone Golden Tan Oil Free Lotion SPF4 - 120ml

Lightweight formula helps prevent peeling and dryness while helping to maintain a healthy-looking skin

Tropical waterproof lotion with a light fragrance - SPF4

Non Sticky Light Weight Moisturising formula for fast absorption

Quick even coverage-Goes on clear, no mess-no rub-no greasy residue

Water resistant  up 80 minutes

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