Colour Excellence Hair Colourant Products

Highlights Brightener - 75ml
Detox - 75ml

Colour Excellence Hair Detox 

  • Deep cleanse and revitalise your colour

  • Specially formulated for coloured hair

It deep cleans the hair shaft, removes environmentally-generated oxidised films, removes metallic and other surface stains, brightening your hair colour and detoxing the scalp.

Deep cleansing, detoxifying formula Improves vibrancy and helps give longer lasting colour Removes product build-up and pollutants Contains natural anti-oxidants including Green Tea extract Helps promote a healthy scalp Enriched with Vitamin C

Colour Excellence Highlights Brightener for Blondes 

Highlights Brightener works to naturally remove product residues and environmental build-up to keep highlights looking as good as new - without harming your hair.

  • Maximum colour definition for sharper, longer lasting highlights

  • Naturally removes hair product residues and environmental build-up

  • Keeps highlights looking as good as new, without harming your hair

  • Counteracts the tendency of Highlights to absorb styling products and environmental damage

  • Contains extract of Chamomile

  • Puts the high back in your highlights

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