Clairissime Lightening Body Products (Peach)

Soap - 200g
Glycerine & Rosewater - 250ml
Lotion - 500ml

Clairissime body clear complexion lotion is a mild and non-greasy lotion which reduces imperfections and leaves skin lighter, satiny, clear and more even.

Clairissime Cosmetique Glycerin And Rose Water Drawn From The Vegetable World

The Glycerin And The Rose Water Combination Is A Soft And Delicately Perfumes Toner. Softening, Moisturizing And Calming Actives Combination, It Helps Skin To Redain Its Balance And Moisture

The Exfoliating Clairissime Soap, Thanks To The 100% Vegetable Base, Apricot Stone Powder And Lightening Active Ingredients Is A Real Beauty Treatment. Daily

 The Apricot Particles Have A Scrubbing Action, Eliminate Dead Cells And Clean The Skin In Depth. The Complexion Is Easily Cleared And Gets Back Its Bloom.

The Skin Is Smooth And Ready To Get The Maximal Benefit From Beauty Treatments, Specially The Lightening Products.

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