Carotein Skin Nouveau Lightening Products

Exfoliating Soap - 200g
Cream - 250g
Toning Gel - 30g
Gel - Creme - 50g
Serum - 30ml

Skin Nouveau products contain vitamins A, B, C and E as well as AHA and Sunscreen. These products effectively enhance the skin complexion.


Skin Nouveau Carotein Hydro Toning Body Lotion is for skin toning while it keeps it moisturised. An essential product for the prevention and treatment of dry skin.


Skin Nouveau Carotein Nourishing and Fairness Cream with carrot extracts, AHA and vitamin A, B, C, E nourishes your skin with precious and effective natural substances.


Carotein Supreme Serum. This Concentrated Fluid Gradually Lightens The Complexion And Diminishes All Types Of Pigmentation Spots. The Serum Decreases Fine Wrinkles And Other Cutaneous Disorders.

Gel Cream

Carotein Oil Free Intensive Toning Gel Cream With carrot extract, vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E. Very Active Carrot Gel Cream for Lighter and Clearer Complexion Long Lasting Moisturization Younger and Smoother look Purer, Blotch-Free Skin More Vitalized Skin. Indications: For the gradual fading of brownish areas in the skin. This Gel Cream helps to stimulate the skin turnover and create a smoother younger look. It delays the formation of wrinkles and helps to reduce fine wrinkles. Helps to control oily skin


Carotein Supreme Exfoliating Soap. This lightening exfoliating soap washes away impurities and dead surface skin cells. Its Regular use helps to fight blackheads and blemishes. It contains apricot seed kernal crushes and lightening agents that facilitate radiance, smoothness and uniformity of the complexion

Toning Gel

Skin Nouveau Carotein Intensive Toning Gel Cream is oil free cream-gel with carrot extract, vitamin A, B, C, E, AHA and Sun Screen. This is a very active carrot gel-cream for lighter and clearer complexion, long lasting moisturization, younger and smoother look, purer blotch-free skin and for more revitalized skin.

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