Aunt Jackie's Kids Curls & Coils Hair Products
Aunt Jackie's Kids Curls & Coils Hair Products

Aunt Jackie's Kids Curls & Coils Hair Products

Detangling Moisturiser

Head Up Shampoo - 355ml

Moisturising and Softening Shampoo

NO SULFATES that dry and strip youthful hair in training. Helps hair to retain its natural oils.

Made with Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Replenishes moisture and softens hard-to-manage hair.

Gently, yet thoroughly cleanses hair. Luscious lather

Knot Havin' It - 355ml

Leave-In Detangling Moisturiser

he toughest knots and tangles instantly loosen for easier manageability and combing. Ideal for coarse, thick textures, or any hair type that easily tangles. Helps the comb to glide through!

Humectants help replenish hair with long-lasting moisture.

Made with natural oils that help strengthen and improve elasticity.

E Blast - 237ml

With Vitamin E & Flaxseed Nourishing Hair & Scalp Remedy

Helps to alleviate flaking, chronically dry and irritated scalp.
Excellent maintenance therapy for braids, twists and locs.

Omega-3 fatty acids found in Flaxseed deliver nourishment, helping to prevent thinning and shedding, encouraging healthier hair growth.

Penetrating natural oils help to improve overall scalp health

Soft & Sazzy - 426g

Super Duper Softening Conditioner

se as a regular rinse-out conditioner, co-wash or deep conditioning treatment.

Helps soften hard-to-manage hair. Helps to loosen and soften tight, coarse texture.

Replenishes moisture, while natural conditioners contribute to strength and improved hair health.

Baby Girls Curls - 426g

Moisture Rich Curling & Twisting Custard

nti-frizz formula helps curls, waves and twists stay smooth and springy.

Elongates and gives curls long-lasting definition.

Helps leave hair feeling super soft to the touch. No sticky, crunchy feel

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